Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day

Those of you who frequent Google are already aware that today's date, expressed in the form 3.14, is also a rough approximation of the mathematical constant pi. Thus it's Pi Day. Perhaps you are also aware that 3.14 is Einstein's birthday. Cool.

Pi Day also affords an opportunity for me to lob another grenade at supernatural theism, which posits the existence of a divine being beyond the natural realm who takes a keen interest in the affairs of humans, especially those involving expressions of absolute fealty toward this being, and also any activities or thoughts pertaining to sex.

Pretty much everything we need to know about this being was dictated to our ancestors two or three thousand years ago, which really takes the pressure off of us needing to learn anything about life since those revelations occurred.

So happy birthday, Albert, but you needn't have bothered. Everything we really needed to know was already revealed long before you came onto the scene. Unless, of course, God decided that it was time that we learned about matter and energy, and so revealed it to you so you could pass it along to us. If so, next time, skip all the mathematical proofs and just introduce your ideas with "Thus says the Lord...."

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