Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oil Change

I could never afford a Mercedes-Benz. Even when I worked at the Whatcom Humane Society and we had a raffle for a really old Mercedes, I couldn’t afford the raffle tickets. It seems that Mercedes ownership will forever be beyond my reach. Thus I bought a Smart car. Mercedes-Benz designed it, I think. Either that or it was designed by a guy who used to drive a Mercedes-Benz, or played a Mercedes owner on TV. Anyway, the Smart car equals about one fourth of a Mercedes, both is cost and in dimension.

In my first conversation with someone from the Smart Center in Seattle, I asked about service. I was told that it only requires an oil change every 10,000 miles, or once a year. Given that we bought a 2008 model, I began to wonder about the status of the engine oil. The car had less than a thousand miles on it, but had been put in service in 2008. I called the Smart Center and was told that we should change the oil.

Where to get an oil change….

I wanted to be Smart about this, so despite the fact that there are a gadzillion places that will do an oil change within a stone’s throw of our house, I chose to drive to Liberty Lake to the Mercedes-Benz dealer. After all, Mercedes-Benz designed it. Either that or it was designed by a guy who used to drive a Mercedes-Benz, or played a Mercedes owner on TV.

Evan rode along with me this morning. He came along to mock me, apparently feeling that my usual degree of second guessing bordering on self-loathing was not adequate. As I checked in, Evan pointed to the sign above the tastefully appointed desk: We service all makes and models. Yes, they do. Even Smart cars.

The coffee here is served in stainless steel carafes in the spacious, airy waiting area. I am reveling in the air of quiet confidence in this setting that accompanies owning a Mercedes-Benz, or at least bringing any make or model here for an oil change. I feel so Smart.

My bill is how much?!!!


  1. Sounds like I should visit a Mercedes-Benz waiting area instead of meditating. If only you had left off the part about the bill...

  2. It was actually just $60.04, including the thimbleful of high end, synthetic oil. And they washed the car.